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When Should You Take Collagen Peptides?Updated a year ago


 If you’re dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, you know that building up your body doesn’t stop when your workout ends. Integrating healthy living into a busy daily schedule can be intimidating or overwhelming, whether it means bright and early mornings and/or restrictive dieting. We know that a healthy, energized state is so much more rewarding than that gross, exhausted feeling. We at BUBS want this healthy lifestyle for you just as badly as you want it for yourself, which is why we’ve made access to our collagen protein easy as blinking your eyes. When should you take it, you ask? We say, any time.



We know you’re a busy person. Between laundry, grocery store runs and Gilmore Girls reruns (no one’s judging), your own well-being isn’t always the priority. That’s why we designed our collagen protein powder with your busy lifestyle in mind. (Because let’s be honest, we’re just as busy as you are.) From benefits to ease of consumption, we’ve got you covered.


Collagen protein coffee, anyone?

Many dedicated BUBS fans take collagen protein in their morning coffee because it’s a super easy way to consume your daily protein. Instead of stirring in a spoonful or two of sugar, opt for 1-2 scoops of skin-saving collagen powder. Now, your morning coffee can do more than wake you up: it can fortify your hair, skin, and nails, while promoting smooth digestion and lasting joint health.


But wait...there’s more

The best time to take BUBS collagen protein is any time that works for you. Maybe you’re not a morning coffee drinker and tea is more your speed? Well, thanks to the unsweetened, flavorless nature of our collagen, it won’t change the taste of your morning hibiscus tea one bit. Toss in a packet of collagen protein and forget about it. If you follow your morning workouts with replenishing shakes or smoothies, our collagen protein can be blended right into the mix. Collagen is indispensable when it comes to healing joints. By adding this to a post-workout smoothie, you can boost recovery time from your workout and hit the next workout with more strength, thanks to your healthy, healed joints.


The afternoon slump

For some reason, those afternoon hours of a workday seem to lose their sense of urgency. When that post-lunch drowsiness hits, you’re left fighting to rejuvenate yourself for the remainder of the day. Might we recommend this as being one of the best times to take collagen protein? Instead of reaching for a highly sugared soda that inevitably includes a sugar crash, drop a scoop of collagen protein into an afternoon drink for an energy boost! Combat drowsiness with mental clarity and productivity.


BUBS any time, any place

We created BUBS Naturals collagen protein with the goal of not only giving you the best chance to succeed in healthy living, but also in accommodating your daily schedule. In fact, because of its flavorless nature, collagen protein can be added to soups, chili, baked goods, oatmeals, beverages, smoothies, etc. You get the picture. So, when should you take BUBS collagen protein? There’s a simple answer: whenever you need it. Whenever you want to fortify skin elasticity, combat late-day drowsiness, round out a workout, or bolster hair and nails, our collagen is waiting.



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