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What are the Benefits of Taking MCT Oil Powder?Updated a year ago


We love to throw around the phrase “Die young, as late as possible.” This might sound a little counterintuitive, but when you think about it in regards to your body, it makes perfect sense. Most people aim to keep their bodies healthy and functional for as long as possible. We’re all looking to achieve and maintain that youthful, energetic state. At BUBS Naturals, we find a lot of our inspiration from the high-energy lifestyles of pro athletes, fitness fanatics, and especially the Navy SEALs; the wellness our MCT Oil creamer helps to promote is central to their mission, and ours. Nutritional eating habits and informed diets help set the stage for healthy, happy lives. Whatever we put into our bodies becomes our fuel for the day, the month, and eventually the rest of our lives. Making consciously healthy eating choices, whether it be in the form of food, drink, vitamins or supplements, aids in achieving the goal of staying young (and healthy) as possible. We like to think we’ve had a hand in creating such a nutritional supplement in the form of our life-giving BUBS Naturals MCT Powder. Life-giving might be a stretch, but the clean energy we can deliver is 100% real.



MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a rapid-acting, natural source of energy for your body. MCT powder, therefore, is the consumable form of MCT in which all of the health benefits are ready for duty. True story: because of the meticulous way in which our MCT powder is made from naturally-sourced coconuts and then virgin-pressed, the nutritional integrity of the MCTs is maintained. BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder is stacked with body-enhancing nutrients, including 5g of Caprylic Acid and 1.5g of Capric Acid, as well as 5g of fat, which is super good news for those of you following the requirements of a ketogenic diet. And even better news, the 5g of fat comes straight from the content of coconut oil (about 50% of the powder). This means you won’t find any harmful additives contributing to the fat content. It’s all purely natural and purely good for you. And, because your body uses MCT powder almost immediately as an energy source, it’s not going to be stored as fat within the body. This fancy transformation, known as ketosis, allows these fats to be used as an energy source. Who knew that, when used properly, fats could be so beneficial to your lifestyle?



Because of the way MCT powder interacts with the body, there are numerous benefits to consuming it on a daily basis.

Clean Energy

Because of our MCT Oil powder’s Caprylic Acid (C-08) content, the MCTs can skip right through the body, bypass the digestive system (meaning it’s way gentler on the stomach than straight MCT oil), and land right in the liver where your body can make full use of its energetic capabilities. The best part? It’s not like caffeine or sugar where you feel a quick boost and then inevitably crash. MCT powder gives you that boost and keeps you gliding, so you can finish that project, workout, or just a typical day with pure, healthy energy. It’s as if your body was telling you to seize that day, and feel good doing it.

Curb Appetite

It’s all due to the fats. No, really! The fat content in the MCT powder is not only used as the energy source, but it also keeps you feeling fuller longer. This leads to a decrease in the desire to constantly snack. You won’t have an appetite so you won’t even think about it. As if this isn’t great enough, you’ll have the benefit of added energy, which means you won’t feel the need to plug your body full of sugar for an energy kick, meaning MCT powder also decreases your sugar cravings. A decline in snacking and sugar? Sign us up!

Gut Health

There are two kinds of bacteria in your stomach -- the good kind and the bad kind. This is where the Capric Acid (C-10) comes in. It acts as an antibiotic in your stomach (destroying the bad bacteria) without the unwanted side effects of an antibiotic (also destroying the good bacteria…). C-10 promotes the growth of the healthy flora in the environment of the gut, optimizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and just makes you feel good. A healthy gut means more energy, a better immune system, and a sparkly clean GI tract...all thanks to MCT Oil powder.

Brain Food

If that wasn’t enough, MCT also reaches all the way to the brain, penetrating the blood-brain barrier, to provide much-needed fuel to our overworked brains. Additionally, it’s been proven to help overall with cognitive functioning, and might even improve memory retention over time. So not only does MCT powder give you the energy to get through the rest of this workday, it gives you crystal clear mental focus as an added bonus.



The nutritional facts and health benefits have spoken -- BUBS Naturals MCT Powder not only gives you clean, fast-acting energy, but continues to work in the body to improve overall brain and gut health, as well as curb those unwanted cravings. Sounds too good to be true? Allow us to suggest trying it yourself, and seeing just what magic MCT powder can work on your body.


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