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How Do We Make Our MCT Oil PowderUpdated a year ago

The Secret Behind Our Dynamite MCT Powder Production Process? Coconuts.

If you are following a strict Paleo, Keto or Whole30 diet, or have given yourself a goal to be more health-conscious in general, going to the grocery store and pulling the first item you see off the shelf isn’t an option anymore. Before you make any purchase you make sure to look over the ingredients list, because it becomes vital to your health and well-being to know exactly what is in that almond milk or protein powder. Is the product hiding unwanted gums and emulsifiers? Are there preservatives extending its shelf life for eternity? What about the ten thousand grams of unnecessary sugar? In our opinion, the simpler the better. It’s always been our mission to keep our MCT powder, and all of our products, top-quality, by using only a few of the best ingredients to achieve the best in flavor and the best for your health. How do we do it? We’re so glad you asked. Allow us to elaborate on the incredibly simple process of how our tasty MCT powder is made.

Step 1: Harvest

The coconuts from which we glean our MCT oil are sourced straight from farms in India, where not a single preservative, chemical or pest-resisting solution is used during growth. The coconuts are harvested when ripe and shipped straight to our manufacturers. There is no step in our process that tampers with the organically-grown coconuts. In our minds, nature knows what she’s doing here, so why mess with the program?

Step 2: Fracture

Fracturing is a fancy term describing the process of breaking down the coconuts into smaller particles - that’s the MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides! In order to preserve the nutritional quality of the coconuts, we virgin press them. Let’s break it down for you: one method of extracting the coconut oil is by using heat. However, heating up the meaty part of the coconut actually damages its nutritional content. By virgin pressing the coconuts, none of those nutrients are removed and you’re left with all the vitamins, minerals and MCTs the entire coconut contains. Not only that, but the flavor is preserved as well, providing that deliciously iconic taste of BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder.

Step 3: Spray

Once the coconuts have been virgin pressed and are simply oil chock full of energy-boosting, gut-healing medium-chain triglycerides, the oil is poured into a high-tech spray machine (think of it in terms of a garden hose with a sprayer attached to the end). The oil doesn’t come out as droplets, but as a light spray, perfect for even distribution into the next step...

Step 4: Tumble Dry

The sprayed oil is directed into what is best described as a tumble dryer. But you won’t find any wet laundry in this dryer. Instead, it contains tapioca starch. Why tapioca starch? Unlike some other MCT powders which utilize acacia starch or cornstarch as their carriers, tapioca starch is better for three reasons: First, it has no flavor! This is perfect for MCT powder based in coconuts, since there will be a slight flavor due to the pure virgin pressing method. If we were to mix this pure MCT powder with cornstarch, the resulting flavor of corny coconuts would not please a single taste bud. Second, tapioca starch has little nutritional value. This might seem contradictory, but it’s actually highly useful since there will be no competition between the complete nutritional value of the coconut oil and the non-nutritional content of the tapioca starch. It will simply absorb the coconut oil, nutrients and all, to create a great tasting, wholesomely healthy MCT powder. And third, because of tapioca’s completely benign existence, it can fit well into any diet - there’s no sugar content to worry about!

Step 5: Reap the Benefits

The benefits of creating BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder through such simple steps are numerous. Here’s just one: by spraying the oil over the tapioca starch, we’re guaranteed an even distribution in our product which allows for about a 50/50 consistency. This means you’ve got a little over 50% oil absorbed into 50% powder. How does this affect you on the daily? If you pull out the recommended daily dose 10g scoop, a little over 5g of that scoop is MCT oil and a little less is 5g of tapioca starch. In other words, you’re getting a great percentage of MCTs in just one scoop.

Simpler, Cleaner, Better

We’re coconut snobs because we demand the best for you. We choose virgin pressing and tapioca starch because we don’t want to compromise the integrity of a single nutrient you’ll receive. Your health is too important for you to choose a product which could put it in jeopardy, which is why BUBS Naturals has chosen the simplest production method possible. We want to make sure you receive all the benefits MCT powder has to offer, from long-term cognitive functionality to overall GI health to daily bursts of clean energy promising to get you from one task to the next. And now, you can enjoy all the benefits and more, purely and simply, with just a scoop a day of BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder.

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