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ACV and the Immune SystemUpdated a year ago


Apple cider vinegar is one of those jack-of-all-trades products that every parent keeps in the house. It works hard at strengthening the microbiome of your gut, can help prevent dandruff and clear up broken-out skin….need we go on? Pure, organic apple cider vinegar is both safe and effective when put to use in the body, whether you’re incorporating it to boost the immune system, increase the number of good bacteria (probiotics) in the body, or reap the benefits of acetic acid, ACV will do it all and more!


Okay, so what is apple cider vinegar?

Obviously ACV isn’t just found out in nature, although it comes from a combination of natural ingredients. To create ACV, apple juice and yeast are combined and left to ferment over time. Via fermentation, the yeast turns the sugar from the apple juice into alcohol and then good bacteria takes over to turn the alcohol into acetic acid. The resulting pungent product is full of beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants.


Benefits of apple cider vinegar

The properties of ACV alone – antimicrobial and antioxidant, with probiotics and prebiotics – make this product beneficial to the body from the start, but there are specific ways in which these characteristics benefit and aid in overall bodily health and wellbeing.

  • Weight loss:  Remember the acetic acid we mentioned earlier? While it’s responsible for the strong smell and taste of vinegar, it is also responsible for the potential of ACV to aid in weight loss. The acetic acid improves the metabolism and burns more fat, reduces fat storage, and suppresses the appetite so you’re less tempted to snack in between meals.
  • Helps in managing diabetes by lowering blood sugar: Varying studies have examined the effects of ACV on blood sugar, and many of them have shown the effectiveness of ACV in lowering blood sugar levels. People have been known to take two tablespoons of ACV post meals and see a reduction in blood sugar by over 30%. While this is beneficial for those battling diabetes (note: always consult your doctor before incorporating ACV), it’s additionally effective for those who want to simply keep tabs on their blood sugar levels for overall health reasons.
  • Calms acid reflux: While there’s not a ton of scientific research validating it, many individuals swear by the effectiveness of ACV in calming acid reflux. This is likely due to the fact that apple cider vinegar helps in balancing pH and thereby neutralizes heartburn-causing stomach acids.
  • Other benefits: Apple cider vinegar is supposedly known to heal the skin, from treating acne to soothing sunburns to reducing insect bite irritation. Always be sure to dilute with water before applying to reduce irritating your skin! In addition to skin health, ACV helps provide healthy, glowing locks by reducing dandruff and maximizing shine. Not to mention the fact that ACV is known to be good for all-over body detoxification, providing you with increased health and wellness.


Healing the immune system with ACV

Apple cider vinegar, along with other naturally occurring powerhouse remedies like collagen peptides, is no longer an obscure age-old remedy (no, seriously, people have been using it to boost immune health for ages). Specifically, when ingested, ACV does a lot of really good work in the gut, which ultimately affects the whole entire body. Think of it this way – if you pour coffee into your car’s gas tank, it isn’t going to work the way you want it to, if it works at all. The same goes with your gut; if you fill it full of processed, inflammatory food and drink, it’s only a matter of time until you begin to feel the effects of that. Apple cider vinegar works in the gut to battle inflammation, balance pH, and neutralize damaging free radicals. It’s chock full of probiotics, healthy bacteria which your body utilizes in battling infectious bacteria. Therefore, when you incorporate ACV into your diet, either by mixing salads with apple cider vinegar-based dressings, taking BUBS Naturals ACV gummies, or simply ingesting small doses before a meal, you boost your immune health and detox your body all at once.


Put your health first

It’s important to prioritize your physical health because it has so many varied effects on your mental health, your energy levels, your productivity – essentially it affects everything. Steps as simple as using more apple cider vinegar products, adding collagen peptides, or increasing your daily vitamin C intake, can significantly impact your health for the better. At BUBS, we believe taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do in this life, and we’re here to help you live as long and strong as possible.


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